Positive Steps for Feeling Good

Here are some positive steps we can all take to look after ourselves and to help us feel good...

Do things you enjoy

Make time for yourself and do something you enjoy. Perhaps something creative like music or drawing, or something more active? Perhaps there is a hobby or interest you could pick up again?

Take regular exercise

Regular exercise really helps to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety and can give you more energy.

Why not find an activity you think you'll enjoy and give it a go?

Make time to relax

Try to make time for yourself and do something that helps you unwind like reading, music, meditation or prayer. Whatever suits you?

Although it can be hard to relax, you can learn relaxation skills by listening to a CD. Your G.P. or local library may be able to help you with this.

Spend time talking

Keep in touch with friends. It is important to spend time with other people. At times we all face difficulties, can feel isolated and may need some help and support. Try not to be afraid to ask for it. It can help to share your feelings with someone you trust. Some people find it easier to call a helpline – that is why we have them!

Sources of help and information

NHS Direct: 0845 4647
Samaritans: 0114 276 7277

If you are concerned about your mental health, you can ask your G.P. for advice.

Learn new skills

Learn a new skill or more about something that interests you. It can be fun, will help you to meet new people, and can boost your confidence.

Be yourself

No one is perfect! We all make mistakes so don’t be too hard on yourself. Accept who you are. Everyone has something to offer.