Budget Management Service

You have been allocated a personal budget – what do you do next?

Sheffield Mind's Budget Management Service can help you by setting up a managed account, where we hold your money for you and pay the bills. This takes a lot of the hassle from you and helps keep your personal budget safe.

The Budget Management Service deals with the financial side of your budget starting when your support plan and budget have been agreed. We will organise all the paperwork needed to release your personal budget, making sure everything is processed efficiently. Sheffield Mind will be on the end of a phone if you have any questions or concerns. Once we have received your personal budget, we can help you implement your plan. We do this in the best way for you which might mean you purchase the item and then they reimburse you or purchase items on your behalf.
We can provide a regular statement so you can keep track of what is going in and out of your personal budget and you can contact us by telephone or email if you need us.


£250 per year for a fully managed account   £50 for a single item managed account

You can download a referral form here 

For more information contact Nicola Whiteley, Budget Management Service Co-ordinator

Tel: 0114 258 4489 ext 115


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