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Improving physical health and environment can do a lot to improve mental wellbeing and can often bring positive change in people's outlook on life. It can help people with anxiety and depression and regular exercise may even prevent such problems developing in the first place. It is therefore important to do what is possible to eat healthily and take enough exercise.

Sheffield Mind offers a range of services and support to enable people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

We also believe that everyone can do a lot to improve their mental health and we promote self help and empowerment as a route to prevention and recovery - see our Self Help page for more information.

Sheffield Mind advocates a holistic approach to supporting people to reach their aspirations. An example of this is our Work Well Stay Well  employment support project which works with people in employment who are experiencing stress and anxiety and struggling to stay in work. We also run the Sheffield Magpies, which provides emotional and practical support to people  with hoarding issues.