Keeping Families in Mind

Keeping Families in Mind is a new service that has been developed to provide emotional and practical support to the families of serving personnel.


The service is funded by the Ministry of Defence and has been designed to provide support to families who are struggling with the demands of military life, particularly following the deployment of a family member.

We know that it can be difficult to cope with the uncertainty of having family members away from home for lengthy periods and equally hard adapting when they return. if you are having difficulty coping with the extraordinary demands of living in this environment, we can help and our therapists are on hand to provide emotional support and practical advice to help you cope more effectively.

We know that family life carries on regardless and that this can bring its own stresses and challenges. We can support here too, providing independent advice and an opportunity to talk openly about the pressures you are dealing with.

if you are interested in finding out more about the service you can download the information brochure by clicking on the image alongside or call the office on 0114 258 4489 ext 106 to talk to one of the Counselling and Therapy team

Alternatively you can email for further details and a referral form or call Samantha Mulholland on 0114 258 4489 ext 100


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Useful Links


we have been working with a number of military an dcovilian organisations that support veterans, reservists and

serving personnel and have been im,pressed by the suport and encouragment they have provided.


Listed below are links to groups that provide a range of support services to current and eservice personnel



PTSD  support group     PTSD Resolution helps former armed forces,reservists & families, who are struggling to reintegrate into a normal work & family life because of military trauma suffered during service in the armed forces, through its nationwide network of 200 accredited therapists. For help that is free, immediate, local, brief and effective please ring 0300 302 0551.